Anesthesia Management: 3 ways leaders fail to be trustworthy

How are you affecting the culture of consistency within your organization? Much has been written about trust and leadership. Leaders can’t expect to have followers if they themselves are not trustworthy. Leaders know this. And they know that they want trustworthy employees. Who wouldn’t want trustworthy employees? And yet, leaders typically fail to be trustworthy […]

Anesthesia Management: Weather May Not Affect Low Back Pain

Weather factors such as temperature, relative humidity, air pressure, and precipitation did not increase the risk for a low back pain episode, and higher wind and wind gust speed had a minimal effect, according to an Australian case-crossover study published in Arthritis Care & Research. “Many patients believe that weather impacts their pain symptoms,” lead […]

Anesthesia Management:  ICD-10 struggles continue to plague providers

Provider progress in transitioning to ICD-10 has been hampered by the most recent delay–enforced via the passage of the Protecting Access to Medicare Act last spring–according to survey results released this week by the Workgroup for Electronic Data Interchange (WEDI). For the survey, conducted in August, WEDI received more than 500 responses, including 324 from […]

Anesthesia Management:  Do bundled payments stifle innovation, discriminate against high-risk patients?

Although bundled payments are an increasingly common way for insurers to pay for care–and can improve quality and lower costs–some industry experts worry that they could have more negative consequences than benefits. One concern is that since bundled payments focus so singularly on costs, they could discourage experimentation of new drugs, devices and procedures, according […]

Anesthesia Management: Interstate Medical Licensure Effort Advances

At least 15 states are considering a revised draft of the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact, which has the support of the AMA. An effort to provide physicians a streamlined path to obtaining medical licensure in multiple states appears to be gaining traction. “There’s momentum,” Humayun Chaudhry, DO, president and CEO of the Federation of State […]

Anesthesia Management: Quiz for managers: Documenting performance

Documentation quiz for managers It’s important to know the kind of language managers should—and should not—use in documentation. Test your knowledge by answering “True” or “False” to the following statements: _____ 1. An employee is caught stealing company equipment. It’s best to list the termination reason as “gross misconduct” since “stealing” could be defamatory. _____ […]

Anesthesia Management: Peter Drucker’s brilliant 47-year-old idea could transform healthcare

There’s a theme arising in the various conversations I’ve had about leadership lately: The front-line employees are the ones with the real power to transform an organization, leadership just guides them. This, of course, is an intuitive concept, but one that isn’t always embraced by leaders. It’s also a core tenet of a theory — […]

Anesthesia Management: ASA meeting: Severinghaus Lecture: Methadone Labeling, Clinical Guidelines Wrong

According to this year’s Severinghaus Lecturer, the labeling approved by the Food and Drug Administration for methadone is wrong. So are the published clinical guidelines for the use of methadone to treat pain and drug addiction in both adult and pediatric patients. The short explanation is that methadone metabolism and clearance are mediated predominately by […]

Anesthesia Management: ASA lecture: The Economics of the PSH: What Do Payers Want?

For physician anesthesiologists, much of the discussion of the Perioperative Surgical Home (PSH) model of care has focused on clinical processes, with its economic impact taking a back seat.. “We are tending to look at this from our own internal anesthesiology-driven perspective. But the reality is that payers are not always going to see things […]