Anesthesia Management: Prognostic Significance of Premature Ectopic Beats

Authors: Qureshi W et al., Am J Cardiol 2014 Jul 1; 114:59 An incidental finding on a screening electrocardiogram might be worth taking seriously. To evaluate the prognostic implications of atrial premature complexes (APCs) and ventricular premature complexes (VPCs) detected on a single 12-lead electrocardiogram (ECG) in healthy individuals, investigators analyzed NHANES III data for […]

Anesthesia Management: ICD-10 switch may raise issues for adverse event reporting

The switch to ICD-10 poses the risk of under-reporting and over-reporting adverse events due to mismatches in codes for Patient Safety Indicators (PSIs), according to research at the Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association. The researchers, from the University of Illinois at Chicago, looked at 23 types of PSIs. They found three had straightforward […]

Anesthesia Management: Bundled payments: Lessons learned

As insurers move forward with bundled payment initiatives, they would benefit from learning from the experiences of programs that haven’t succeeded. Though many bundled payment initiatives have improved quality and lowered costs some aren’t as fortunate. In a new Health Affairs blog post, two policy analysts discuss a bundled payment project they ran, called the […]

3 Instant Anxiety Busters

If you’re on the edge of a freak-out, try these simple interventions to keep calm. When it comes to long-term balance, there’s no shortage of tips and ideas on how to ensure that you’re maintaining healthy stress levels and your work doesn’t completely swamp your personal life. But other times, all that advice to exercise, […]

Sonivate points finger toward future of ultrasound

Ultrasound needs a little more of a human touch. That’s the concept behind SonicEye, a fingertip-worn ultrasound probe developed by Oregon-based start-up Sonivate Medical. The company is moving SonicEye to market with significant backing from the U.S. Department of Defense. Created by miniaturizing the components of standard ultrasound transducer technology, SonicEye is placed on a […]

Opioid-Induced Adverse Effects Hit Social Media

Patients are tweeting and using other social media outlets to vent about their negative experiences with constipation and other opioid-related adverse effects, and about the lack of discussions with their doctor about such gastrointestinal (GI) symptoms. “Our results from this social media platform reveal a need for doctor-patient communication regarding opioid-use GI side effects,” said […]

What Successful Leaders Do in Challenging Times

Given the same set of circumstances, some people create team success and others fail. Great leaders know how to turn tough times into big wins. Here’s how they do it. If there is one thing consistent about business it’s the inconsistent dynamics of business. Great leaders can navigate turbulent business climates just as well as […]

Final Interstate Medical Licensing Compact Released

The Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB) has released the final version of an interstate medical licensure compact intended to help physicians gain licensure in multiple states. The FSMB expects the compact to facilitate the practice of telemedicine and to expand access to care in underserved areas of the country. To take effect, the compact […]

Avoiding Pain Management Prosecutions

Documentation, documentation, documentation. That’s the general mantra of Jennifer Bolen, JD, an attorney who has been in involved in pain management consultation and medical record auditing for 12 years. Although doctors think they’re doing a good job at “piecing together” a rationale for prescribing opioids to their patients, they simply aren’t good at writing this […]