Does Eye Color Predict Response to Pain?

The color of a person’s eyes may predict how that person responds to pain. “There may be certain phenotypes that predict or indicate a person’s response to pain stimuli or drug treatment for pain,” Inna Belfer, MD, PhD, from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine in Pennsylvania said. “Human pain is correlated with multiple […]

Naloxegol Shows Promise for Treating Opioid-Induced Constipation

The results of 2 phase 3 studies of naloxegol, an investigational treatment for opioid-induced constipation (OIC), showed that the investigational drug safely increased bowel movements among patients suffering from constipation due to opioid use. The findings were published first in the New England Journal of Medicine. “The studies showed rapid and sustained improvement for these […]

Transitioning to Bundled Payments

Taking a more strategic approach to payer relationships may be the key to surviving new reimbursements models. As the healthcare industry moves away from fee-for-service reimbursements toward a bundled payment model that holds providers financially accountable for an entire episode of care, hospitals and health systems need strategies for maintaining cash flow and economic viability […]

Children Exposed to Second-Hand Smoke Have High Rates of Complications After Tonsillectomy

I thought this was interesting to read so I wanted to share it with our followers. A study presented at this year’s Euroanaesthesia meeting shows that children exposed to indoor coal-burning stoves and/or second-hand tobacco smoke are much more likely to suffer postoperative complications and excessive pain after tonsillectomies. Almost half of the world’s population […]

Reduce Costs With Selective Pre-Op Testing

Routine preanesthetic tests cost more than $60 billion every year, but far fewer than 1% reveal pertinent abnormalities relating to the anesthetic or the surgery, according to a 1989 study published in the Canadian Journal of Anesthesia (1989;36:S13-S19). For that reason, national guidelines recommend minimizing preoperative testing in low-risk, stable patients undergoing non-emergent surgery. The […]

10 things employees are dying to hear their managers say

Employees crave more than just a paycheck from work. They want to go home feeling valued and respected for the job they do. Only about a third of employees these days say they are “engaged” in their jobs. But in the midst of everyday chaos, it’s hard for managers to think about big-picture issues like […]

Efficacy and safety of sublingual fentanyl orally disintegrating tablet at doses determined by titration for the treatment of breakthrough pain

Published in Int J Clin Oncol. 2014 May Authors: Shimoyama N et al BACKGROUND: Breakthrough cancer pain typically has a rapid onset and relatively short duration. Due to this temporal profile, it may not be adequately relieved by oral opioid analgesics. The sublingual fentanyl orally disintegrating tablet is a formulation by which fentanyl can be […]

Pain Perception Linked to Genes

A new study provides important new insights into gene-driven perceptions of pain. While the study won’t have an immediate effect on treatment choices for chronic pain, it will help doctors understand why some patients feel more pain than others, said lead researcher, Tobore Onojighofia, MD, MPH, clinical affairs manager, Proove Biosciences, Irvine, California. “The analysis […]

Estimating EQ-5D values from the Neck Disability Index and numeric rating scales for neck and arm pain

This is for our readers who perform chronic pain management. Authors: Carreon L et al Published in Journal of Neurosurgery, Spine 1-6 (Jun 2014) Objection: The Neck Disability Index (NDI) and numeric rating scales (0 to 10) for neck pain and arm pain are widely used cervical spine disease-specific measures. Recent studies have shown that […]

Utilization of spinal cord stimulation in patients with failed back surgery syndrome

Authors: Lad S, et al Published in Spine 39 (12), E719-27 (May 2014) STUDY DESIGN Retrospective analysis of a population-based insurance claims data set. OBJECTIVE To evaluate the use of spinal cord stimulation (SCS) and lumbar reoperation for the treatment of failed back surgery syndrome (FBSS), and examine their associated complications and health care costs. […]